Brand Design Is Changing The Finance Industry

Over the years, many trends have come and gone. However, some trends manage to endure the test of time and continue to evolve. We have seen the finance industry adapting new brand images to appeal to younger audiences and an increasing focus to become more digitally accessible.

Simplicity In Your Design

One could argue that this is not simply a trend, but a staple of good design. When designing your brand in the financial industry whether you are looking at your mobile app, website & even handouts. When it is easier to help users complete tasks, businesses see better retention rates and more referrals. Your role as a business is to understand your user’s problems and then create experiences that work well for them. This will ensure that we are not increasing the cognitive load on our potential customers and that the user is able to use your services in a comforting simplistic process. The bottom line is that simple simple design systems are the customers choice over complicated old platforms any day of the week and designs such as logos utilizing simple elements like monograms (the simplest of logos!) are almost always in style.

Improving Dated Platforms & Using Minimalism

In the branding world, we’re seeing a trend of brands embracing minimalism in their visual identities. By reducing their visuals to utilize core elements (such as simple typography, a monotone color palette, and basic graphical devices) these brands are not only making their brands optimized for digital but they are also creating more professional brands that focus on the key messaging. Keeping your brand ‘digitally friendly’ by improving ease of use is important.

Making sure that messaging is clear has often been seen as a way of building confidence within financial services for prospective customers. We are seeing more and more financial service team’s brand themselves with ‘punchy’ branding. They do this by using bolder, thicker, larger fonts, and higher contrasting colors creates a modern take on more traditional designs.

Primary Colours Aren’t Going Away

What else are we seeing this year? Visual elements such as typography, color, and illustrations are being used to create contrast and draw attention. Palettes are increasingly utilizing primary colours that are bright and energetic. Illustrations also continue to be a key part of many brands’ visual toolkits.

Typography Trends

In terms of popularity, typography is constantly evolving to become more legibile and digitally flexible. Calming color palettes are becoming more popular to keep the brand names easily transferable across different mediums.

How to create your new financial brand in todays market

So how do you create an appealing branding for your financial brand using these tips? Ensuring you are creating something interesting, by utilizing clean design elements, space, a fun color scheme, and an accent font is a great place to start! You can also use a brand design agency specializing in the finance industry.Using a design agency is a great way you can make sure that the branding you are creating is fun, interesting, and captures the attention of your intended audience in the best way possible.