Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding is the one of the most important day in our life. We do all our best to make it special and memorable. As per recent survey average, average American wedding costs $28, 000 and hence the wedding insurance is becoming popular among the masses. And I do realize this might be a practical decision for many as they drop so much money reservations, and non-refundable expenditures.

Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

The concept is similar:  to insuring valuables. Wedding insurance is designed to cover unfortunate events such as a venue being double-booked, or the wedding dress getting ruined before the big day.

Though there is no fixed range of insurance, wedding insurance plans range from $100 to $1000 and covers wedding dress, photography, invitation cards, advances given to venue, decoration, music, hotel booking and travel tickets or anything that would significantly impact your day.  Civil unrest, terrorism and kidnapping are the exclusions parts if the cover.

So if you are spending $28,000 in your wedding, it would be wise to add few more dollars to the wedding insurance that will give you a piece in mind and financial security.

Will you purchase a wedding insurance?