How to Find a Good Corporate Lawyer?

Companies around the world need to have lawyers or law firms they can depend on. These companies need lawyers for several reasons. Some of these common reasons are in mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy filings, consumer lawsuits, and in patent fights. In the past few years, the legal industry in Cyprus has seen some significant changes. The bar association has become more professional and the number of lawyers is increasing. In this article, we will look at some of the most important things to look at when hiring a lawyer in Cyprus.

Consider a Law Firm or a Solo Lawyer

First, you need to consider whether you need to hire a solo lawyer or a corporate legal entity like Pagecorp Group. A solo lawyer is ideal in a situation where the case is not very big. In this case, a solo lawyer will not charge you a lot of money. A law firm on the other hand is essential when the nature of the case is very big. For example, when there is a merger and acquisition, a law firm is necessary because of the importance of the issue. The same is true when there is a big patent fight.

Do your Research About the Lawyer

A common mistake many people and companies do is not to do research about lawyers they hire. This has seen many people hire lawyers who are not real professionals. It has also seen these companies hire lawyers with relationship with the opposing parties. When this happens, the lawyer will have significant conflict of interest, which is not ideal when arguing in a court of law. Many companies have also lost money by using lawyers who are not experienced in their field of interest.

You should ask for referees. These are people and companies that have worked with the lawyer before. These referees will tell you the experience of working with the lawyer. The internet is another place you can get this information. You will often find user reviews and ratings about the attorneys.

Sign Agreement ASAP

Another mistake many lawyers make is to engage a lawyer and ignore the need of an agreement. This mistake has seen the lawyers use the situation to their advantage. Ideally, you should sign confidentiality documents before you start working with the lawyer. This situation is important because the lawyer will have access to most of your top secret documents. Also, ensure that you have agreed on everything about payments before you start working with a lawyer.

Be Open as Possible

A common mistake that many companies and individuals make is to be selective with the information that they give their attorneys. This is a common mistake because lawyers need to have all the information, good or bad, about their clients. They are bound by confidentiality laws to ensure that this information remain being confidential. Sharing it with third parties will lead to them being removed from the bar association. In conclusion, having a corporate lawyer is a very important thing for companies of all sizes. These lawyers will ensure that the company remains in the right side of the law. When faced with major issues, these lawyers will help your company fight the claims in court or out of court. Finding the right corporate is very important for companies of all size.

How Can a Mediator Help with Estate Disputes?

When a loved one dies, it can be a difficult and confusing time, especially when there is an inheritance dispute among the beneficiaries of the said will. Even though you may want to honor the last wishes of the deceased, their idea of their legacy may not necessarily correspond to what you feel like is right.

There is always an option of challenging the will in court and entering a prolonged and costly dispute with other people mentioned in the will about the rights and obligations. However, as soon as attorneys and courts are involved, any form of civility and amicable resolution becomes virtually impossible to reach.

That’s why there is a more neutral and informal solution – mediation.

Why Courts Aren’t Ideal

The primary reason why court ordered solutions to estate disputes aren’t great is that they are more often than not one sided, meaning that the court will reach a decision which benefits one or the other plaintiff. Any kind of a compromise is all but impossible when the courts decide.

Furthermore, the whole process can drag on for months and even years with a considerable cost to all parties involved, covering court fees and attorneys, neither of which is cheap and can consume large sums of money, even more than what the estate is worth by the end of the process.

However, perhaps the most damming problem of legal litigation to determine the outcome of an estate dispute are the interpersonal relationships between the opposing parties. If you let the court tell you what is right and who is right, chances are that your relationship to other members of your family or other interested parties in the estate case will be seriously damaged. There are countless examples of family members cutting all ties to each other over the disputes over inheritance.

How Can Mediation Help

Mediation has numerous advantages over the litigation. What’s more, if you feel that the litigation is taking too long or isn’t effective, you can switch over to mediation and resolve the issue much quicker. The speed at which your case can be completed is just one of the advantages of mediation.

What’s more important is that you can have your side of the story heard and that you are in direct contact with the other interested parties at all times. Even if you don’t like the resolution of the mediation process, you can still decide to take the matter to court because mediators are here to help you find a common ground and have an advisory purpose rather than a legal one.

A More Humane Approach

The reason why people prefer mediation to courts is that it offers a more humane and personal approach. Courts are usually very busy and you will only get a few hearings to state your case in pure facts. After that, the whole case is left to the discretion of the judge who presides over your case.

When it comes to mediation, you will be given the chance to offer your view of the situation, as well as hear the other party or parties. The qualified and skilled mediators will guide the conversation towards a constructive solution rather than deciding who is right and who is wrong.

What’s more, the mediation company, like can help you not only reach the decision but also file all the necessary paperwork and resolve the whole problem without being dragged through courts and public disputed in the family.

As our civilization develops, we seek more humane and tranquil ways to resolve any disputes we may have. Mediation is a good way to achieve just that.

What to Do If You Are Charged with Evading an Officer?

Even though it may seem like a minor crime, evading an officer in a vehicle can actually be a fairly serious crime and bring with it some serious punishments. Even a non-driver can be accused of and convicted for this crime, if they urge the driver to flee the police, so it is obvious that the police takes road safety and their authority seriously.

There are many different things you can do which can be interpreted as ‘evading an officer’, but the most common ones are refusing to stop even when you are signaled and told to and only stopping after a prolonged pursuit. So, what can you do if you are charged with this crime? Well, the first thing you want is to get a really good criminal attorney and tell them everything about the case. Charged with Evading an Officer

Is Fleeing Police Always a Crime

As a matter of fact, not all instances of fleeing an officer are deemed a crime. Some people have a problem driving near the police for one reason or the other. Those people may choose to drive away or suddenly change the direction they were headed just because of the police.

However, in order to be admissible in court, the prosecution needs to be able to confirm that you in fact knew that the officer was expecting you to stop and you willfully ignored their request.

Is It Always a Separate Crime?

If there are other charges against you, you may wonder whether evading an officer will be added to this. That depends on the state. Some states choose to incorporate this act into some other criminal acts, like obstruction of justice, or resisting arrest.
On the other hand, some other states, like California, prefer to keep these acts separate because it is more accurate and it helps avoid confusion.

How Can You Be Commanded to Stop

In the majority of the USA, you cannot use the loophole that you did not hear the oral command by the officer to stop. Most states recognize different and universal signals to stop. The most common ones police officers use are hand gestures, or even just pointing out the badge.

When they are in the police vehicle, police officers can also use non-verbal commands, most commonly the well-known flashing lights and sirens police cars are so distinctive for.

What Kinds of Penalties Can You Expect If You Are Convicted?

In California, this crime can be classified either as a misdemeanor or a felony. However, they can both be enhanced and bear a much more severe punishment if there are other similar charges laid against you. A particularly severe case of enhancement can occur if there has been some kind of serious injury during your flight.

A misdemeanor evading a police officer is only applied to cases when there is no damage or any danger to other participants in traffic and the police officer. In that case, a person who is convicted of evading an officer will likely not receive any jail time.

On the other hand, if the act is characterized as a felony, jail time is mandatory, although there is no set period how long your jail sentence should be. If somebody was hurt during your run, or you are deemed a danger to the community, the sentence is typically mandatory jail time prior to a chance of probation release.

In any case, you will need a skilled and dedicated criminal attorney to fight for your rights at court.

Top 5 Reasons When It is Worth Getting an Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers or labour lawyers specialized in things related to employment processes, labour laws and regulations, and employment-related cases. Some companies have their own employment lawyers to handle things efficiently while others don’t have due to lack of resources.

Here are some of the reasons why you must also consider getting an employment lawyer for your business:

1. Check Hiring Policies

In order to select applicants fairly and objectively, companies should consider having hiring policies. Policies should be documented and should be checked by the lawyer before the full implementation. This will also ensure that there is no discrimination in the hiring process and everything follows what the law requires.

2. Handle Employee Complaints

Every now and then companies received employee complaints. Minor issues, such as discrepancies in payroll and employee conflicts, can be handled by the company without a lawyer’s aid but when it comes to more serious complaints, such as harassment and labour laws violations, it is better leave the case off to the attorney. An employment lawyer can help you handle the case immediately and save yourself from a stressful and costly lawsuit.

3. Release of Claims

An employment lawyer plays a vital role when it comes to severance agreements. The lawyer can work on the agreement to make it fair to both the employee and the employer. There are several possible claims and entitlements that you might not know. Thus, to save yourself form headache and technicality, seek help from the lawyers.

4. Employee Benefits

As much as possible, companies will reasonable benefits to their employees. However, sometimes employers are not objective when it comes to employee compensation and benefits. They don’t know what is fair for the employees. An employment lawyer can help balance things out. Together with the lawyer’s guidance, employers should establish a clear compensation and benefits plan for their employees. This should include the benefits of the employee may receive upon separating from the company. This should also clearly state health coverage, and family and medical leave assistance.

5. Employment Laws Concerns

Some employers are not highly knowledgeable when it comes to employment laws and regulations, especially when there are updates to the existing ones. Employment lawyers are considered as experts when it comes to this. It is part of their job to make sure that all company practices abide to the labour standards set by the government. They will guide you on what is right and what is wrong for the best of your company. Abiding to these labour standards will save you from future problems and lawsuits.

Hiring an employment lawyer can be very expensive especially if you hire the best in town. However, the benefits you can get made it worth-it. As an employer, it is up to you either to hire an employment lawyer or handle serious company matters yourself with the help of your company managers. Either way, what is important is you get through all these important issues and maintain the good reputation of your company that your build for years.