List of Affordable Family Health Insurance Policies

List of Affordable Family Health Insurance policies

Your family’s health is always a concern, and that’s why family health insurance makes sense. The possession of a good family health insurance has become a basic need, mainly due to the increase in sicknesses and medical complications on individuals. A family health policy covers everyone and ensures that, your children and you will be able to get the treatment needed as quickly as possible. But Health insurance is a competitive market, so let’s take a look at some of the best affordable family health insurance policies available to you.

#1 The AXA Healthcare

The Market Leaders AXA Healthcare has been in the business of providing policies for 70 years, and is one of the most respected of all insurers. With two million people on its books you can rest assured that it has the experience to find a policy that suits your needs. In fact, this is the world’s largest insurance group, and has a great deal of backing and support available. With a range of tailored family policies that attend to a wide range of different needs, AXA Healthcare comes highly recommended.

#2 BUPA Health Care

Another of the market leading health insurance providers is BUPA; here you can find policies that are streamlined to your particular needs. Furthermore, unlike some providers, BUPA covers you and your family for all aspects of treatment from initial diagnosis to any necessary aftercare. Comprehensive and with plenty of experience, BUPA is worth taking a look at for family health cover.

#3 CS Healthcare

CS Healthcare is a mutual society open to employees and past employees of the Civil Service. With a choice of policies for individuals and families, and 80 years of experience in providing health insurance cover, CS Healthcare can offer policies at competitive rates and is very popular among those eligible for its services.

#4 Saga Healthcare

Some of the health insurance policies are niche based and this is one kind. Saga, which is open to customers over the age of 50. If you qualify, you are entitled to take out family cover, and they offer a range of deals such as the first three months free of charge for medical care with certain terms and conditions. Saga is an experienced provider and has an easy to use online application system.

#5 Benenden Health Care

Benenden Health Care has received many accolades in the last few years. A mutual trust providing quality diagnosis, treatment and aftercare services at 21 private hospitals across the UK, Benenden has 900,000 members and is able to offer prompt service via tailored family policies.

While private health insurance provides your family with a peace of mind in the event of illness, it is also worth investing in a European Health Insurance Card. The EHICcard does not cover private health care costs, but it will allow you to receive necessary treatment in countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) either free of charge or at reduced cost, depending upon your location. It is free to apply, and it makes a very worthy companion to your essential family health care insurance policy.

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