Money Saving Kitchen Improvement Ideas You Can Do Yourself

The kitchen is one of the important rooms in your house. People often refer to the kitchen as the “heart of the home” because it’s the epicenter of your family’s day-to-day living.

It is the place where we create memories with family cooking those famous family recipes together for special occasions and holidays. The place where you will go through your everyday routine, making your morning coffee and breakfast before work to cooking dinner after a long day.

Since you, your family and guests spend so much time in the kitchen, it is by far one of the places within your household that matters the most, therefore; you want it to be a room people find warm and welcoming.

There are many projects and modifications you can do to your kitchen to give it a new look without the expense of a full remodel. This article will cover some of the most common do-it-yourself upgrades. Go from dull and drab to fun and functional.

Whether you hire a dedicated remodeler like A+ Construction & Remodeling, or you do it by yourself, it’s essential to know how you can make adequate changes within your budget.


Light makes all the difference in a room. A kitchen should be well lit for so you can see what you’re doing when preparing food, but you also want to create a nice ambiance.

Under-cabinet lighting is a quick and easy upgrade – and an affordable DIY approach. Use xenon light bulbs as they are cooler than halogen.

If your ceiling light is dated, replace it with a new model to match your kitchen decor. You may also want to add a bit of decorative lighting such as hand-blown pendant lamps to add to the overall look of the kitchen.

When adding more natural light to your kitchen, consider going for white neutral colors for your decor. If you have kitchen windows that have curtains, make sure to use sheer curtains to help bring in sunlight. The curtains you use for your kitchen can make a big difference in the amount of light that reflects in your kitchen.


Give your kitchen a mini-makeover with a coat of paint. Whether you paint the walls or cabinets, a fresh set of paint can make your kitchen look brand new. Depending on if you own or rent a home, you might have to consult your landlord for approval. When it comes to painting, you should have in mind what design you want for your kitchen to make sure it all goes together. Even if you paint using the same color, it will still make a difference in your home.

Replace Hardware

If you decide to paint your cabinets, you’ll also want to update the cabinet pulls. When updating hardware such as cabinets, perhaps consider installing pull-out cabinets which will make your kitchen space easier to access while keeping things in place. If you rent a home, make sure you keep the old cabinets stored somewhere they won’t get damaged and maintain their condition. That way, when the time comes, they can easily get installed back. Use knobs or linear pulls with a finish matching your kitchen design. Make sure the new hardware is the same size as your existing ones, so you don’t have to drill the cabinets.

Upgrade Your Faucet

Replace your old faucet and add a little shine to your kitchen by upgrading to a new one. It will make your kitchen stand out and not to mention more modern as well. With so many unique faucets on the market today, you can choose from many different styles and finishes. The kitchen faucets should fit in with your other appliances.

New faucets also have more functionality so it’s not just about style. Updating your kitchen faucet will not only make your place more modern but it will also make your life easier when doing dishes. Make sure you follow directions and take the appropriate measurements and precautions needed such as carefully shutting off the water when needed.

Peel and Stick Backsplash

While adding tile to your kitchen can be a big financial investment, peel and stick tiles are a great and low-cost alternative. The all-in-one tile kits have everything you need including tools. You can incorporate a great style into your kitchen while saving time and following the right budget. Plus, there won’t be a mess to clean up.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are a new trend in kitchen design. Concrete is ver+y durable, making it a great option for a countertop although installing can be time-consuming. Pro tip from real estate expert, and founder of Source Capital; Sacha Ferrandi

“Concrete countertops come in different looks and can completely transform your kitchen with a bold and modern style. Even making the smallest changes can add value to your home over time”.

Get rid of that old countertop you are tired of looking and replace it with an easy step by step more modern countertop. Depending on the style of design you want for your kitchen, you can even get creative and make them different. Mix and match kitchen countertops are also appealing if you choose the correct materials and coordinated colors.

Kitchen Rug

Add some color to your kitchen while also giving yourself a soft place to stand while doing the dishes with a kitchen rug. This will also help to keep your kitchen clean by preventing spilling water all over the floor while doing dishes. Keep in mind that kitchen rugs can be appealing as well. When shopping for your perfect kitchen rug, make sure you find one that coordinates with your kitchen decor.

For kitchen decor with brighter colors, consider adding a neutral rug to avoid making your kitchen space too overwhelming to look at. On the other hand, if you are looking to brighten up your kitchen space, you can add a solid-color rug whether it be directly under your kitchen table or in front of your sink.

This is a great tip for neutral colored kitchens since it will allow you to easily alter your decor from time to time. If your floor isn’t as nice as you’d like, using a rug can help distract the attention from the floor and cover it up.

Wall Storage and Organization

There is nothing worse than a kitchen that looks too cluttered. Take the time to organize your kitchen essentials in such a way that it makes your space more appealing and get rid of things you do not need. The organization is the key to maintaining a clean space, especially for smaller kitchen spaces. When your kitchen space is limited and disorganized as well, it can be overwhelming to look at yet stressful to find enough space to cook in peace.

If you are short on storage space, there are many great storage solutions such as adding to your backsplash and walls pre-made shelves, hooks, racks, and rails to hold all your kitchen necessities. These are great to hang kitchen items such as cutting boards, pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities and can easily be installed so you can reduce your expenses and avoid hiring someone. When installing shelves, make sure they are being installed in a place within your kitchen that won’t look too cramped. A perfect example would be adding a shelf above your kitchen window to make additional space for bowls and other big kitchen necessities that may take up space in other places.

Another helpful organizational tip for your kitchen would be investing in plastic containers, glass jars or bins to keep items organized. There are even containers that you can keep labeled to keep things organized. This can be extremely helpful for keeping your pantry organized as well! These can easily be found at retailers such as Target, Walmart Home Goods, and Amazon.

Keep items that are visible always clean and ready to use for guests. Typically, the nicer items are the ones that are displayed in such a manner to make the kitchen more appealing.

For smaller kitchens, adding a bar cart can be a great idea! It makes a great display for kitchen necessities. Bar carts do not necessarily need to be just for cocktails and drinks, but they can be used in so many ways to help you keep your kitchen organized.

Add or Replace Kitchen Seating

There are many kitchens that have a bar for additional seating other than the dining table. When upgrading your kitchen, consider changing your old kitchen stools and getting new ones. Do your research and make sure your stools go hand to hand with your decor.

Make a Kitchen Island

Always wanted a kitchen island but do not have the budget for it yet? You can easily add an island to your kitchen by giving some of your old furniture a makeover. Get creative and take an old dresser of yours that you no longer want or use and paint it to match your kitchen decor. This is a great DIY project especially when you have limited counter space. Adding additional counter space will make your cooking a lot easier and more enjoyable. You can also use the drawers for kitchen storage making things easy to access while also staying organized.

Add Plants to Your Kitchen

A kitchen with plants not only gives your kitchen a fresher smell, but it can also help boost your overall mood. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, adding plants can make a difference in your kitchen. Whether you choose big or smaller plants, you can always find a perfect spot.

There are many ways you to include plants in your kitchen. Get inspired and find the plants that you want to see in your kitchen every day. A great area to add your plants within your kitchen would be in the center of your kitchen island, around your kitchen countertops, by your kitchen window or even hang them. If you want to get more creative, there are many plant hanger ideas you can tackle yourself. Plant hangers are a great boho-chic inspired trend that usually requires a rope, thick cord, brass rings, screw hook or another type of hardware for placement. If you want to add color to your kitchen, you can even paint your pot or choose a specific color for your rope or cord other than white. You can search online for tutorials and different types of designs to choose the perfect one you want to create.

Make a Kitchen Chalkboard

A kitchen chalkboard is typically expensive but with the correct tools, you can easily create one yourself which can be useful and modern for your kitchen in many ways. Ideally, you will need materials such as chalkboard paint, brushes to stain, staple guns or other materials depending on the type of chalkboard you want to create. Often you can find magnetic options as well, it just depends on the chalkboard you are looking for. There are many kitchen chalkboards projects you can look into and decide which one will fit best for your kitchen.

Kitchen chalkboards can be used in multiple ways such as for writing important messages or reminders, inspiring quotes for the family, adding the menu for the day, the list of groceries, and much more. Using a chalkboard for your kitchen is not only appealing for others to see but it helps you stay organized as well. Instead of having multiple papers of reminders or grocery lists you can just add it to your chalkboard, take a photo on your phone and you are good to go.


Giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. If you are ready to spruce up your kitchen, use the ideas in this article to avoid overspending and try things yourself. Get inspiration on what you would want your kitchen to look like; online, home improvement magazines, books, etc. and start little by little. Slowly but surely you will be able to make those changes for your home. Investing in your home is always beneficial and if done the smart way it will save you so much money in the long run. Make sure you do your research, take the appropriate precautions, and have some fun.