Smart Ways To Buy A Car

So you want to buy a car and don’t want to regret after spending the hard money you put in to it. In today’s scenario, after home an automobile is the next most expensive purchase one goes for and for obvious reasons no one wants to screw it up. Buying a car can be a daunting experience for anyone with the market is full with tens of popular brands; hundreds of models with numerous tempting offers and the car dealers never lose a chance to grab your purse. So what to do? Well even than buying a car is not as difficult as you may think if you consider the following suggestions before swapping your ATM cards.

The first point to consider is why you need a car? Is it for carrying lots of goods or for going to office or for occasional travelling? Once you are clear about your needs, go ahead. The next point to ponder about is your budget. Check your credit history, monthly expenditure including every other bill and importantly your salary.  Once you are done with this you should start visiting stores.

Look into these factors before buying it

When you are looking for a car, there are many factors you need to care about to get the best one for your money.

  • Don’t go after brands! First important factor is long term reliability. Check the reliability of cars from past owners. Check how well the wheels run without expensive maintenance and repair.
  • Your car should not visit the mechanic very often! Consider personalizing your car. Make sure you look for essential key safety features in the car for safe driving. Skipping leather seats, iPod compatibility, heated and cooled seats or fancy rims won’t cause you great loss as missing life surviving spares. The car must include Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which will save your life in case you lose control on the wheels, Side Impact and Rear Air Bags which save life in case of accidents and even Anti-Lock Brakes. You may also like to consider electric vehicle to save more on gas.
  • Test drive is a must. Take a test drive as much time as possible and take the car to place you intend to go with the car frequently, say your office, a supermarket or even just a fast highway. Check how the brakes works, if the handle feels comfortable, how is the ride in bumpy roads etc. because you are going to face them every day.
  • Don’t forget to check the millage or your money will evaporate faster than you can imagine. Satisfy yourself with the design of the car otherwise you will be hunted physiologically every time you ride the car.

If you are satisfied with a car, now look in to the price from various dealers. Research the price, offers, warranty and servicing options. You may take the advantage of many online portals available for this reason. Some sellers offer EMI options also, if you are unable to pay at once. You may consider buying old cars if your budget is tight. Many times this turns out to be a smart decision you can make while buying a car.  Buy Smart – Ride Smart.