Some Useful Tips to Save on Household Expenses

Importance of household saving wasn’t not realized a decade back. The economy was stable at that time. Consumers were purchasing stuffs, sellers were happy with mounting sales, individuals have good credit standing and the share market was healthy.

All these are now just memories due to the recession. Many firms are now downsizing, getting a loan has become difficult and many other vices of a falling economy has been coming into notice. One of them is debt per household. Unconfirmed sources reported each household in United States has a debt of $20000.

In such a background, household saving is very important. To choke unexpected expenses and to spend frugally, households need tips. The tips below could help them;

Food and groceries

The largest share of a family’s income is spent on food and groceries. Being miser, you can save money on them. First, avoid stores where food price is high. Secondly, keep a track of your monthly spending on food and grocery items and then tally it with the previous month. Do it for three straight months to find out which foods and groceries cost you most.


Take a DIY approach when you come across problems such as fixing the broken windshield of your car or painting the loft room. Families often hire professionals for these problems and unknowingly burn their wallets. A DIY approach will not only save money for you but also help you to become jack of some trades. If you are a completely naive person, take help of the web.

Used appliances

Used appliances could lower your spending. Online buying and selling has made it easy to purchase used items. Electronic appliances, fashion apparels and other types of accessories are all available from sellers who are actually first hand users. Some of the sites where you can purchase used items are eBay, Craiglist, etc.

Save on car insurance

According to experts you can save on insurance if you know the premium rates of different insurance providers. You can increase the deductible on your car insurance and that way, avoid the unnecessary expenses. Also, you pay less as insurance premium if you drive less. So you should drive only when it’s necessary.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can cut down expenses and save money. These tips are must for every single household in this financially difficult time.