Top Services Offered by Corporate Services Companies

Starting or incorporating a company is a long and often discouraging process. It is more complex when you are incorporating the entity in a foreign jurisdiction. This is the primary reason why most people or companies prefer to use corporate services. These are companies that provide essential services to companies and entrepreneurs. In this article, we will look at some of the services provided by corporate service companies like PageCorp Group.

Company registration

All countries mandate all companies to be registered. They do this to ensure that all companies pay their taxes. They also do this to see the number of companies that are being registered. Also, they do this to give them data on entrepreneurship. The process of registering a company differ from one country to another. There are countries where the process takes just a few days and those where it takes more than a month. A corporate service company specializes in doing this kind of work. Therefore, they understand what needs to be done to register the company faster.

Virtual Offices

Countries require that all companies have physical offices. They should change the official location when they move. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to have a real office location. For example, shell companies registering a company for tax related services don’t need to have these offices. A corporate service company can help you set-up a virtual office you can use to register your company.

Intellectual Property

Companies spend a substantial amount of their income on intellectual property. They use these funds to come with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. This intellectual property needs to be registered at the corporate office. This is done to ensure that the property is recognized by the law. A company should hire a good corporate service company to register this IP. It does not end there. Corporate service companies are also used to defend the intellectual property. This happens when another company infringes on the company’s IP.

Tax Planning

A good Cyprus corporate services company should be able to handle tax planning processes. The goal of this process should be to ensure that the client company pays all the necessary taxes. It should also be tactical to ensure that the client pays the least amount of money in taxes. This is important because while no company likes to pay taxes, they are required by the law to pay them.

Legal Representation

Companies are constantly in need of lawyers. For examples, the lawyers are consulted when the company is coming up with its terms and conditions and privacy policy. They are also consulted when a lawsuit is made against a company. This can come from a competitor, customer, shareholder, or even an employee. In all this, a good corporate services company should be able to represent a company.


There are other tasks that these companies do. These are trust formations, accounting, and human resources. As a company, you should do your best to find a good corporate service provider. In Cyprus, the number of these companies is constantly rising. Taking time to research and consulting will help you find a good provider.