Ways to Eliminate Student Loans

Here is 10 Ways to Eliminate Student Loans.

Of course, all the alternatives to eliminate your student loans listed here aren’t entirely free but rather than wanting your money, these options want your time — often a couple of years. It’s a matter of what your personal situation is like: does spending a few years working for an organization that may not be able to offer you a competitive salary make sense in terms of the total amount of loans you have to pay off?

If you only have a few dollars in student loans, options like teaching are probably not the best bet. But if you have a higher amount to repay, some of these options start looking a lot better.

  1. Teaching:
  2. Peace Corps:
  3. Hospitals:
  4. Army National Guard:
  5. State Government Employment:
  6. AmeriCorps:
  7. Volunteers in Service to America
  8. Employment:
  9. Non-Profit Opportunities for Lawyers and Doctors:
  10. Loan Cancellation:

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