Ways to Save Money While Travelling with Toddlers

We have almost made it a routine to take a long-time tour at least twice a year. Sometimes we are accompanied by our extended families and/friends while other times, we travel on our own. Now we have learned two important lessons from our frequent travelling. First of all, it is almost certain that you have to incur unexpected expenses and secondly, babies can make things worse for you during the journey.

Over the last few trips, we have made it a point to reduce costs on our travelling expenses. And since our baby has been a new addition to our team, we have become extra careful about how to save expenses while travelling with the little champ. I just hope that the following tips, which we applied and got satisfactory result, could also help you a lot.

Do some homework ahead of trip

Smart driving is what could save you expenses on petro/diesel bills. Take the tires to the maximum level of recommended pressure as it will optimize gas mileage. Have you loaded your car with some stuff that you can do without during your trip? If yes, take those out. Taking a road map is important even if you own a GPS device. If GPS meter fails or the device runs out of charge, the printed copy will serve your purpose.

Smart driving can save your fuel expenses

If you are driving a long distance during summer or spring time, it will be painstaking not only for you but also for your car. The vehicle is to work a lot harder and that leads to burning of more fuel, slapping you with more expenses on refueling. We have changed our travelling time and usually undertake journey in winter. Even if we go out in summer, we set out early in the morning to avoid heavy shower of sunlight. If possible, keep the car windows open instead of shutting them all and switching on air conditioner.

Pack foods with you

If you don’t pack snacks during your trip, you have to stop several times to feed your baby. Now purchase of drinking water and snacks for your babies will inflate your unforeseen expenses. Carry healthy snacks and water in a separate bag so that neither you nor your baby feels hungry during the journey. We pack a lot of vegetables and fruits as they are healthy, inexpensive and their remains can be disposed of quickly. We take out water bottles from the freeze just at the eleventh hour and drop ice in them. Over time, ice melts but we can still feel cool water in the bottles.

Arrange low-cost entertainment in car

While you will love to wag your glances on both sides of the road, it will not appeal your toddlers. Within minutes of starting the road trip, they will start whining. And you know what, they are never easy to console. So pack in inexpensive entertaining things to keep your baby busy. Also make sure to carry enough of diapers as you may need changing them to keep your baby in high care and comfort.